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Do you like Halo? Desire to appear like Halo master chief? Now this is what you're waiting for. Halo can be a science fiction game based upon a cyber-enhanced super-human known as the master chief and his awesome computer like companion. Master chief protects humans from all of different types of horrifying aliens over a make believe world, When the master chief gets around by foot or vehicle to address these aliens. This game has among the best graphics for a computer game, and is also one of the better single shooter games of times. As well as the most popular games of all time.

Two main master chief costumes enable you to feel as if part of Halo. You are made from a hardcore plastic, and fabric, that is so realistic you gaze just like you just jumped from the game itself, it really is designed just like the armor about the master chief from the computer game that is certainly extremely accurate for the game. Another costume which is not nearly as realistic as the first one I described, but is just as cool because first one, is done from fabric and foam, and imitates the master chiefs armor perfectly. There are three different helmets to select from, the first one can be a half mask, the second one is often a deluxe mask, along with the third one is a two-piece mask. The last piece to include in you costume collection could be the replica of the rifle that this master chief uses inside the gaming.

With the master chief costume you're sure to be a success at your Hallow's eve, sci-fi convention, or sci-fi club. Hurry and acquire your master chief costume and turn into the big hit and impress your entire friends.

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