Статьи по истории танца. Ренессанс и Барокко.

Barbara Coeyman, Social dance in the 1668 Feste de Versailles. architecture and performance context (1998).pdf
Barbara Sparti, Antiquity as Inspiration in the Renaissance of Dance The Classical Connection and Fifteenth-Century Italian Dance (1993).pdf
Barbara Sparti, ‘Artistic’ Theory of Dance in Fifteenth-Century Italy (2003).pdf
Barbara Sparti, Breaking down Barriers in the Study of Renaissance and Baroque Dance (1996).pdf
Barbara Sparti, Hercules dancing in Thebes, in pictures and music (2007).pdf
Barbara Sparti, The 15th-Century ‘balli’ Tunes A New Look (1986).pdf
Barbara Sparti, The Function and Status of Dance in the Fifteenth-Century Italian Courts (1996).pdf
Corti Gino, Cinque balli toscani del Cinquecento (1977).pdf
David Sanchez, Cano Dances for the Royal Festivities in Madrid in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (2005).pdf
David Wilson, ‘Contrapassi’ in Fifteenth-century Italian Dance Reconsidered (2006).pdf
Jeanice Brooks, 16th-century French secular music (2003).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, Cavalieri’s Theatrical ‘Ballo’ and the Social Dances of Caroso and Negri (1999).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, Cavalieri’s Theatrical Ballo ‘O che nuovo miracolo’ A Reconstruction (1998).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, ‘Certain Sweet Movements’ the Development of the Concept of Grace in 15th-Century Italian Dance and Painting (1991).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, Dance and the Garden Moving and Static Choreography in Renaissance Europe (1999).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, Dance in Early Tudor England An Italian Connection (1998).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, Dance Patterns of the Early Seventeenth Century The Stockholm Manuscript and Le Ballet de Monseigneur de Vendosme (2000).pdf
Jennifer Nevile, ‘Rules for Design’ Beauty and Grace in Caroso’s Choreographies (2007).pdf
Jennifer Thorp, A fascination with French dance (2009).pdf
Jennifer Thorp, In defence of danced minuets (2003).pdf
Jennifer Thorp, Mr. Isaac, Dancing-Master (2006).pdf
Jennifer Thorp, ‘So Great a Master as Mr Isaac’ an exemplary dancing-master of late Stuart London (2007).pdf
Jennifer Thorp, The Menuet de la cour ‘a dance to be reckoned with’ (2008).pdf
Kathryn Lowerre, A ballet des nations for English audiences Europe’s revels for the peace of Ryswick (1697) (2007).pdf
Ken Pierce, Dance notation systems in late 17th-century France (1998).pdf
Mauro Lo Monaco and Sergio Vinciguerra, God Save the Double (2006).pdf
Mauro Lo Monaco and Sergio Vinciguerra, The passo doppio and the contrapasso in the Italian balli of the Fifteenth Century Problems of Mensuration and a Conjectural Reconstruction (2005).pdf
Michael Talbot, Dancing with the German Lullists (2010).pdf
Pamela Jones, Spectacle in Milan Cesare Negri’s Torch Dances (1986).pdf
Peter Allsop, Da camera e da ballo — alla francese et al italian (1998).pdf
Peter Walls, English courtly dance (2001).pdf
Tilden Russell, The Minuet According to Taubert (2006).pdf
Yvonne Kendall, Theatre, dance and music in late Cinquecento Milan (2004).pdf

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